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4 Contemporary Art Styles To Add To Your Home

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When it comes to adding art to your home, there are a lot of different art styles that you can use to decorate your home. Here are a few fun, contemporary styles you can use to decorate your home with.

Style #1: Panel Paintings

Panel paintings are great if you have a lot of space to fill. Panel paintings are not just contained to one canvas; instead, the painting extends to a couple of different canvases. Most panel paints come in odd numbers, such as three panels or five panels.

The panel painting style can be used for all sorts of different types of images. For example, the painting could show a bridge that spans multiple panels. Or the painting could be of a landscape. Usually, the images that are chosen are images that look good when they are split up.

Style #2: Sci-Fi Art

The next style that you can add to your home is some sci-fi art. Sci-fi artwork is great if you have some imagination and you like things that are a little different. Sci-fi paintings usually are kind of fanciful and feature space. It is fun, creative art that is sure to inspire. A sci-fi painting is a little more personal and is something you may want to put in your den or bedroom.

Style #3: Fantasy Art

If you like more creative artwork, you can try out some fantasy pieces. Fantasy artwork is a little more imaginative than sci-fi art and can include things such as fairies and mermaids. Fantasy art is fun and usually tells a story.

This style of artwork has been around for a long time, so you can get some classic fantasy pieces, or you can discover some of the new fantasy professionals who are creating new art pieces. This type of artwork is great for bedrooms, living rooms, and dens.

Style #4: Graffiti Art

Graffiti is no longer for the sides of buildings. Graffiti artwork is now often painted onto canvas and sold. Graffiti artwork is not just scribbling and tags. It is a beautiful form of expression and is often used to create both social and political messages. Graffiti artists are well-known for producing artwork that can really make you think.

Although you can now get graffiti artwork on canvas, the canvas still tends to be larger. As the canvas is larger, it can look great in an entry or family room where there is a lot of wall space.

When it comes to adding art to your home, you should get creative with the type of artwork that you hang up in your home. Consider adding different styles of contemporary artwork to your home.

To learn more about contemporary art, contact an art gallery.