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Picking Out And Purchasing Fine Paintings Online

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If you are an art enthusiast, own an art gallery, or just want to display a powerful piece in your home or business, you are likely considering making purchases of fine paintings to add to your collection. Many people turn toward online sales to search for you buy paintings if there are no galleries in their area. Here are some tips to help you select and buy fine paintings online.

Find A Reputable Source For Purchasing

If you are not experienced in purchasing art, it can be hard to know where to find the right sources online. If you have never made a purchase online before, take your time to browse several sites before you delve into the ordeal. It is best to start off with an inexpensive piece. This allows you to observe the process of receiving the painting so you are sure the dealer follows through with the transaction. Visit local coffeehouses, libraries, or museums in your area, as they may have local artists' work hanging on their walls. If they do, search for an artist's information and contact them personally to find out if they have a reputable online dealer selling their work for them. This can be a great way to find a reliable online source for other paintings in the future.

Inquire About Certificates Of Authenticity

If you decide to purchase a painting from a well-known artist, it is imperative that you request a certificate of authenticity before you make payment. This allows you to boost the price tag you attach to the painting should you decide to resell it yourself in the future. It also allows you boasting rights if you simply wish to showcase a painting to share with other people. If a certificate of authenticity is not available for a painting, but the artist is not one that is well-known, make sure that there is a signature somewhere upon the piece if you feel it may increase in value.

Find Out About Shipping Options

When you buy fine paintings online, you want to make sure they show up at your address without damage. Inquire about the shipping procedures a particular online store offers. Make sure the painting will be wrapped appropriately and that it is secured in a box that will not open. It is also important to find out whether an online store provides insurance or if they have a return policy in place.