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Four Amazing Advantages Of Metal Prints

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Photos, texts, and graphics look good when printed on vinyl or paper. However, you can get the best art through metal printing. The image or text art you want to be printed is first printed on a transfer paper. This step is followed by attaching the transfer paper to a coated aluminum sheet. You then use a heating machine to convert the paper dyes into a gas that is pressed on the aluminum sheet. A cooling process helps the gases cool and solidify. This process results in a permanent fusion of the art onto the metal.


Durability is a trait that every buyer desires to get in their purchased products. You want your treasured piece of art to last for ages. Metal printing is the best alternative if you fancy durability. Metallic prints resist extreme temperatures in the winter and summer seasons. They withstand chilly winters and survive in boiling summers. This feature makes them stay well-maintained for long without losing their attractive appearance. A metal portrait can be installed indoors or in an outdoor room.

Customizable and easy

Art satisfies people in varied ways. Different people have different visual and physical textures. This feature, coupled with customization of metallic art, makes it a perfect choice. You can get custom sizes of your metallic photo prints with varied mounts. You can narrow it down to selections of metal surfaces. For example, you can choose between a matte or glossy finish as well as fancy wall hangers. Your metal photo printing is customizable to your tastes and preferences.

Heat resistant and easy to clean

Accidents happen, and your business premises or home might be affected by fire outbreaks. If these unfortunate events happen, your metal art will survive because it is fire retardant. Heat resistance is also vital if you live in regions with extremely high temperatures.

Additionally, a piece of art that is easy to clean is always the right choice. Aluminum prints do not get affected when you decide to clean the art surface with a wet cloth.

Scratch-resistant and lightweight

Kindly note that metal printing resists scratches. However, you are free to apply acrylic photo printing to give your art treasures extra security against scratching. Acrylic printing encloses your art but still ensures that they are light enough to be moved from one place to another.

The metallic material used in most of these prints is light aluminum. This feature enables the portability of your artwork.

For more information, contact a metal printing service near you.