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Getting The Progressive Point Across: Poster Options For Progressive Art

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Posters are a terrific way to decorate a room. They can be hung up by themselves or framed, and they're available in so many varieties that the tough part of finding a poster is actually sorting through all the options. Posters are very good for displaying progressive thoughts and beliefs, and the sheer variety means you can find some that are tailored to just about anything. If you want a poster that has Southwestern imagery, for example, you have a lot of choices.

Words Only

A number of progressive posters have words only (with different words in different fonts and colors to add visual interest in addition to the message). A single quote from someone well known in the Southwest or from the Southwest is good, or the words can deal with a situation going on in the Southwest (such as the border wall).

Historical Photos

You don't always need words to get the point across if you want progressive-minded artwork. A historical photo can do a lot, and for Southwestern scenes, think about Native American photos (make sure they're not exploitative), the founding of towns, the creation of dams or lakes (including the building of the Hoover Dam in Nevada or the creation of Lake Powell in northern Arizona and southern Utah).

Nature Scenes and Quotes

If you have a favorite quote, look for posters that feature that quote under a photo of a scene in the Southwest. The Grand Canyon is always a winner, but consider, too, other parts of the Southwest that don't get as much attention. The Southwest is not just desert but also mountains, grasslands, rivers and streams, woodlands, and even manicured gardens featuring native flora. This combination gives you both something nice to look at and something to think about.

Nature Drawings

One more option is to have non-photo art without words. For Southwestern-specific art, maybe look for poster renditions of drawings or paintings of a collection of native Southwestern plants or animals. If you want something environmentally minded, a drawing or painting of a stream among bushes and trees can be good; look for renditions of actual Southwestern landmarks like the Catalinas above Tucson or the Rio Grande as it heads north up through New Mexico and into Colorado to its headwaters in the Rockies. If you can get artwork with endangered species as the subject, that's even better.

How progressive the message of the poster is will vary as deeming something progressive is fairly subjective. But the beauty of that is that you have a wide range of imagery to choose from, allowing you to decorate your home as you see fit. For more information, contact a studio such as BC Nowlin Studio.